Q: How many signatures does it take to receive a water delivery in Ukraine?

A: TEN! I couldn’t believe it. Exactly ten. I counted.

I had two jugs (approx. five-gallons each) delivered for my water cooler. This was the initial delivery. Subsequent deliveries will only require three signature.

Here’s a picture of the documents they left me:

documents left after water deliver

On the other hand, Nova Poshta is emerging as a Ukrainian FedEx. They are professional, efficient and require only a single signature for deliveries.

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  1. elmer

    Welcome to Zookraine!!!!

    Roman, I think this stems from the sovok union workers’ paradise – there was “full employment” in the workers’ paradise, and it was illegal to be unemployed.

    So – tons of make-work jobs were created.

    One walks into a museum – there is a person whose job it is or was to flip on the light switch.

    Zookraine’s so-called parliament has 450 members. Ukraine has a population of 45 million.

    The US Congress has 100 Senators and 435 in the House of Representatives. The US has a population of 340 million.

    Official seals are an extremely big deal in Zookraine.

    And there are tons of official seals, very jealously guarded.

    I hope the water is OK.


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