Refuge from Sloviansk Fighting

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Славянск. Сегодня в полдень в подвале школы №13. 28.05.2014



  1. Yuri Mencinsky

    It’s very hard to imagine the depth of mistrust existing in towns like Slovyansk. People who have demanded the Ukrainian language to be kept out of the education system, any text books on Ukrainian history or civics banned “by choice of local boards and made to rely only on Soviet era source material.

    This total rejection of change has meant, that a propaganda campaign by locally controlled media of depicting any current government initiative as fascist and ultra-nationalist is believable – if only for the reason that the government of President Yanukovych had not pursued the mooted changes theoretically introduced by President Yushchenko.

    One must remember that for 65 years everybody simplistically referred to the USSR as
    Russia, Russian “culture” was promoted, almost all official dealings were in Russian – leaving the new “independent country/state of Ukraine ” as a nebulous concept.
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    1. Roman

      I feel like the revolution was the exorcism of Soviet demons from Ukraine. Because Donbas did not participate and did not sort out the free from the enslaved, they are only now going through their painful exorcism.


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