Relatives of Lviv soldiers protests mobilization, insufficient training

Yavoriv (Lviv region) relatives of mobilized blocked the gate not allowing to send soldiers to Donbas. Those guys are not volunteers – they are forced by law. They complain on lack of equipment and training. Thay don’t have a wish to fight. Want to go home to their families.

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  1. Ed K

    I know of one well trained guy who could train his distant relatives.
    Has he offered to share his expertize?

    Leadership and obligation are advanced social concepts.


    “Integrity is one of the core traits around which all
    else revolves. It goes to honesty and trustworthiness
    and dependability and so much more – all of the
    time (from training fields to battlefields to bars),
    not some of the time. There is no such thing as
    integrity being applied as convenient. One cannot
    sort of have integrity.” Andy Weddington


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