One thought on “Repudiating Truth — a review of Explaining Post Modernism by Stephen Hicks

  1. Ed K

    This topic makes me choke from the dust…

    Why not seek topics with some life that will charge up Andrii?

    Here is one that might get some attention:

    “Last week in Kiev, celebrating the birth of Christianity,
    988 AD, Yanukovych and Russia’s Vladimir Putin could
    not bear each other’s company.

    “Underscoring the rift, Yanukovych cautioned foreign
    states not to use religion for political ends.

    “This was a direct hit at the head of the Russian
    Orthodox Church, Moscow’s Patriarch Kirill, a
    devout supporter of a re-emerging empire with
    theocratic shadings, and Putin’s main instrument
    in coercing global Orthodoxy, and with it economic
    and political integration, to Russia. Russia’s myopic
    notion of ‘yedynyj mir’, one Russian world — a
    return to the way things were under the Soviet
    Union — is the reason Yanukovych has resisted
    membership in its Single Economic Space, a free
    trade zone joined by Kazakhstan and Belarus.”


    Think freedom and look to topics that involve freedom.

    Oh where is Andrii?


    “Every person exerts some influence and
    so is to some extent a leader. Every person,
    too, is influenced by many and must, to
    a great extent, be a follower. The leader
    is the person who has followers; a great
    leader has glad and willing followers.
    Leadership is influence, and no person
    is entirely without influence.” H.H. Horne


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