7 thoughts on “Right Sector’s Yarosh wants Ukraine to be an Armed Society

  1. elmer

    Roman, I agree with your comment

    But if you look at the picture on TSN, Jimminy Xmas, that is highly irresponsible – a little kid holding a gun, giving the impression that he’s treating it like a toy

    I’m sure you’ve seen the reports of kids at a gun range shooting someone accidentally because they did not know the proper way to handle a gun – I have.

    I know you will agree with me that the picture seems to show everything contrary to safe and responsible gun ownership.

    Yarosh also wants to renew Cossack traditions.

    That’s fine and dandy, but the Cossacks are not anything to follow as a model of good government, or for that matter, government at all.

    1. Roman

      Elmer, You will always be able to point out examples like “kids at a gun range shooting someone accidentally”.

      But if you’re serious about taking a stance on this issue, you need to look at the bulk of the data seems to consistently show that. More guns = less crime. In Europe, Australia, America. Always.

      (In the Middle East or Africa, I’m less certain.)

      1. elmer

        Roman, I’m not disagreeing with your stance. I agree with your stance.

        What I was trying to point out is that in the picture, in the particular instance, there seems to be an astounding lack of awareness of gun safety.

        And I know that you agree with me that gun training and gun safety are important.

        You yourself have pointed it out on your blog – “trigger awareness.”

  2. elmer

    Of course I know about him

    that does not change the fact that Cossacks are not anything to follow as a model of government

    plus the issue here is what Roman posted in the first place – arming Ukrainians

    the first thing the Bolveshiks did when they sent armed thugs to collectivize farms in Ukraine is to deprive the farmers, the citizens, of anything that they could use to defend themselves

    and the Bolshevik thugs made repeated searches – 5, 6 or more times – to make sure that nothing was being hidden in the “worker’s paradise”

    Roman is right – arm Ukrainian citiizens

    but gun training and gun safety goes along with that


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