Ron Paul’s BS conspiracy theory about MH17

This is an excellent point-by-point refutation of all of the claims made by self-professed “libertarians” regarding the shooting down of MH17, and their allegations that the Ukrainian government was involved. Global Research has recently claimed the the evidence is “conclusive” that the Ukrainian government shot down the plane, but the fact the SU-25 plane which is alleged to have shot down MH17 can only fly at altitudes of up to 23,000 feet and MH17 went missing when it was 33,000 feet in the air gives the lie to this ridiculous story. Let me make this clear: there is no US “war propaganda” regarding Russia because the political will for a conflict with Russia in the US is zero.

7 thoughts on “Ron Paul’s BS conspiracy theory about MH17

    1. Roman

      Thanks, Walt. I really like their conclusion:

      “The trendy libertarianism of the moment is too focused on removing laws and not nearly as conscious of what laws everyone will live by. That is why its moment will never come. It advocates ideas such as amnesty without considering the consequences. Like its socialist counterpart, it insists that something must work because its ideas say that it will. It does not take into account how people actually behave.

      Government is not the enemy. It is a symptom of the problem. There is no way to get rid of a nanny state, until the child grows up. A trendy libertarianism that cheers a dissolute social liberalism of irresponsible behavior and then wonders why it can’t convince the potheads filling up Denver’s homeless shelters to buy into fiscal conservatism is not the solution. It’s part of the problem.”

      I would express something similar by saying that libertarianisms moment hasn’t come because libertarianism is broken. It doesn’t appreciate the Englightenment bedrock on which it is built. Curt and I are trying to fix it:

      1. walt

        Sorry, but I watched those videos and their is too much “insider” lingo for an average person like me to figure out. Grand discussions for the intellectuals and simple slogans for the masses, like, “Land for the peasants”, that is and was communism. Get out of the grand discussion and get into a reasonable understandable presentation.

  1. jerry

    this war is a CIA coup the democratic elected party was thrown out by western forces after NULAND told them to go F themselves. The war is a cover up for the west to destroy Russia or at least itself in a nuclear holocaust . Its propaganda at its finest who knows what to believe. The attack on civilians in Donetsk was done by who ? Malaysia admits to the fact Russia never shot down the plane and it was in fact Ukrainian forces , just the news that Im getting, You think McCains gonna set you free think again. When western bankers take everything you have plus and leave you with austerity like they have done to every other country their involved with EVERY ONE. Its LIES after LIE after LIE that’s proven to be the case who and what can one believe . We will all end up as wards of the state of the NWO. If one doesn’t see it coming I feel sorry for you

  2. jerry

    what does it say to you when a evacuated town due to terrorists attacks becomes the center of a fracking operation, that before hand was held at bay by the towns people.


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