Russia: Abortion Restricted By New Law In Parliament Effort To Boost Country’s Collapsing Population

I would like this headline to read: “Parasites terrified as host is dying.”


“Russia’s parliament has adopted a controversial law restricting abortions in an attempt to tackle the country’s population collapse.

The UN predicted that, by 2050, Russia’s population will shrink by a fifth to 116 million.

Critics of the change in law said limiting women’s choice is the wrong way to tackle the problem, in a country where women are almost twice as likely to have an abortion as a live birth.

Getting an abortion in Russia is not difficult. Sky News secretly filmed a Moscow clinic which admitted frequently performing illegal operations over the 12-week limit.

Posing as a woman seeking a termination at four months, Sky’s producer Julia was told it would not be a problem. Anything was possible for an upfront fee of £100.” (Read more