1. beauregard

    Here is video that helps understand Russia, Russian
    leadership, Russian military. It is very long but to get
    its point across it has to be. If you take the time to
    view the whole thing, grasp the story it tells.

    This story relates to quality control, quality tools, quality
    training, and misuse of resources and hurry up at all costs.


  2. Bearegard

    To Understand Putin it is important to understand Russia.
    In understanding Russia it is important to understand the
    FSB and its roots in KGB, et al.

    Intertwined is Marxism and it concept of domination. World
    domination has become part of modern Islam.

    When trying to understand freedom it is important of grasp
    the tools of Marxism and Islam. Such tools include deception,
    lying, and violence, among other tools.

    The users of those tools include not only Putin, the Ayatollahs,
    but also Obama.

    The recent nuclear deal with Iran required understanding of
    the Soviet Union and its agents. When reading about Soviet
    and comparing to Obama it is important to grasp his advisor
    Valarie Jarrett and her family.

    Here is recent posting that helps us understand the past:


    This was posted for Walt’s consideration.


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