Russia says Ukraine must become a federation, allowing regional autonomy

Ukraine & “Federalization”

The word “Federalization” has become poison in Ukraine, since Russian FM Sergey Lavrov insisted Ukraine do so immediately.

Local autonomy is the most European thing Ukraine can do, but it’s a bad idea while the Russian military is massed on the border, and Russian sponsored provocateurs are murdering pro-Ukrainian activists.

Let the population arm itself first. No one should ever negotiate with Russians unless they’re heavily armed. (See the Budapest Memorandum, Treaty of Pereyaslav, Catherine’s guarantee that feudalism wouldn’t be imposed after the Kozaks disbanded, Moscow’s promises to the Ukrainian Communist Party, etc, etc, etc.)


In response, Ukraine offered confederalisation plan, 50 state languages to Kremlin:


2 thoughts on “Russia says Ukraine must become a federation, allowing regional autonomy

  1. Vegas

    Roman, would you share info about Treaty of Pereyaslav, Catherine’s guarantee for historical curiosity sake please?

    1. Roman

      I’d wikipedia it, but the short version is this:

      Bohdan Khmelnytski signed to Treaty of Pereyaslav with Russia b/c he was leading a revolt against Polish rule and couldn’t fight a war on two fronts. The concessions he made in the treaty lead to increasing Russian influence in Easter Ukraine and eventually its outright annexation.

      Under Catherine, the Russian military destroyed the Kozak Sich. I don’t know the specific, but there were guarantees for either some or all territories that the Ukrainians would not be turned into tax-paying serfs. This agreement was betrayed (surprise, surprise). Here’s an interesting story about a revolt and the creation of some free villages which enjoyed four years of freedom b/c the Russian military was then distracted by Turkey: Here.


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