Russian bid for Czech hearts and minds (via propaganda)

Ugh. So stupid.

Dear Russia: Many of us Westerners WANTED you to be an alternative to the West. Putin would have been many people’s hero (including mine) if he achieved this by establishing Property Rights, Rule of Law, and Truth Telling.

Instead you try to achieve this by Lying, Threatening, Corrupting, and Demoralizing. You will fail. Europe’s preference for truth is more powerful than your preference for strength.

Russia has to change on a very fundamental level — their mythology, their collective meta physics — before they consider Property Rights, Rule of Law, and Truth Telling to be in their self interest.

7 thoughts on “Russian bid for Czech hearts and minds (via propaganda)

  1. walt

    Roman, here is an interesting article about ruSSian propaganda that not only leftist and libertarians fall for but even Christians.

    As in the better quality KGB propaganda, as in this case, it is,

    “backed by some 40 to 80 pages (depending on the edition) of what Hochhuth called “historical documentation”…. about the Pope

    Yes facts and documentation is what alot of libertarians fall fo, leftist just fall for the argument

    Read more at:

  2. PUTIN

    Never ever heard of the latin expression ‘quid pro quo?’

    You didn’t expect that after the Americans poisoned the minds of Ukrainians with their
    PROPAGANDA and Russia-bashing that the Russians wouldn’t retaliate.
    The EU is broke, American is broke [quantative easing] and degenerating into a third
    world hellhole. Do you really exspect that these degenerates in the EU and the USA
    will save your sorry hate-filled fascist-loving asses?

    Ukraine borderline country filled with borderline people………………

  3. PUTIN

    Well I am acquainted with Mises but I am afraid that the gentlemen Pylyp Orlyk must
    be a non-entity outside of The Ukraine. The point is that if a country formerly known
    as the USA [now in essence an oligarchy of the 1% [doesn’t that ring a bell for
    Ukrainians?] is instigating violent dissent in an European country which is non of its
    business, you can expect that the Russians will take reciprocal action.
    This goes all the way back to our ancestors who emigrated out of Africa. That is the
    essence of quid pro quo.
    The American constitution was written by enlightened individuals drawing their
    inspiration from classical antiquity [e.g. the Roman Republic and ancient Greece.

    p.s. You seem to have a problem with the definite article in the English language.

    Understand that Ukrainians first poisened minds of Americans with Constitution of

    must be

    understand that the Ukrainians first poisened the minds of the Americans with the
    Constitution of

    Or you could be non-Ukrainian who pretends TO BE A UKRAINIAN by deliberately
    forgetting the definite article.

    Zobaczemy………………….. Do widzenia Au revoir Tot ziens

    1. beauregard

      My origins are on left bank of Dnipro River. The village of my
      ancestors was farming town in 1900. After Russian Soviets it
      no longer exist. Luckily my great great grandfather dispatched
      some of his sons west.

      Mr. Putin is like Mr. Lenin and Mr. Stalin, a murderer.

      Maybe someday I can repay Mr. Putin in kind with treatment of
      my ancestors.

      Read Mr. Orlyk’s words to understand the way that Ukrainians
      thought. And the way they wanted to be governed. Understand
      that is not Mr. Putin’s way.

      As to my language, I speak and write language of street, of free peoples.
      And I write plainly with none of your trickery, kapish?

      ——————— // ——————


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