Russian invasion of Ukraine set for ‘3am tomorrow’ with missiles and tank attack

Hard to know what to think of such a precise prediction for . . . 4 hours from now.

Kremlin chiefs will order an attack on Ukraine at 3am local time tomorrow, American intelligence agencies believe.

They could target Kyiv’s military and government command and control centres with a barrage of air strikes before tanks roll over the border.

At the same time Russian amphibious warships could storm Ukraine’s southern coastline. It comes as Foreign Secretary Liz Truss warned a Russian invasion ‘would not stop at Ukraine’.

Europe could be just a few hours from all-out war in Ukraine, despite last ditch diplomatic moves and a possible standing down of some Moscow troops.

The ominous news arrives hours after Russia pulled back forces from the Ukraine border.

Senior sources said a Moscow attack would be “almost certainly from multiple points” over Ukraine’s southern, eastern and northern flanks.

The Mirror’s senior American source warned our team in Kyiv with a simple one line message saying: “3am Wednesday.”