Russian military & mercenaries directly implicated in torture of Ukrainian prisoners

What is more, in over 40% of the so-called ‘interrogations’ and control over them, key roles were played by mercenaries from the Russian Federation or people who identified themselves as Russian military personnel.

The Coalition ‘Justice for Peace in Donbas’ has released a report entitled “Those who survived Hell”. The study is based mainly on a survey of 165 people held prisoner by the militants. In many cases even those who were not themselves tortured report witnessing or hearing the torture of others. 33% of the soldiers, and 16% of civilians had personally witnessed a death as the result of torture.

The results of the Coalition’s study indicate a large number of war crimes which cannot fall under any ‘amnesty’ currently promoted by western leaders as part of a peace deal for the region. There are separate accounts given by soldiers taken prisoner, and images which the militants themselves posted on the Internet in a video here.

According to groups trying to organize prisoner exchanges, by July 1, 2015, around 2, 500 prisoners had been freed, another 500 remained in captivity. Ukraine’s Interior Ministry says that over six thousand people have been taken prisoner or disappeared without trace, with the fact of 1500 still unknown.