Russian Social Network (Vkontakte) founder fighting hard against Kremlin censorship

Pavel Durov yesterday @ 20:36

December 13, 2013 year FSB demanded from us to give personal data to organizers of group Evromajdana. Our response has been and remains the absolute refusal to Russian jurisdiction does not apply to Ukrainian users Vkontakte. Issuance of identity of Ukrainians to the Russian authorities would not only breach the law, but also a betrayal of all those millions of people in Ukraine who have trusted us.

In the process I had to sacrifice a lot, including my share on Vkontakte. But I have no regrets-the protection of personal data of people worth that and much more. From December 2013 year I have no property, but I have left something more important-clean conscience and ideals that I’m ready to defend.

ADF: March 13, 2014 year Procuracy demanded from me close the anticorruption group, Alexei Navalny, under threat of blocking Facebook. But I don’t shut this group in December 2011, and, of course, not closed now.

Over the past week on me there is pressure from all sides. A variety of methods, I managed to win more than a month, but now it is time to say, neither I nor my team are not going to exercise political censorship. We will not remove any anti-corruption community Bulk, or hundreds of other communities, the blocking of which demanded of us. Freedom of information-the inalienable right of the post-industrial society. That’s right, without which the existence of Facebook makes no sense.