Russian-Ukrainian Personal Relations

From a friend:

Love hearing the stories of the Ukrainians. Had a coffee with an Russian-Ukrainian girl today whose Russian branch cut all connections to the relatives living in Ukraine after Maidan.

She went to work in Moscow for 8 months to talk to her Russian relatives. They were happy that she had returned to “home” but refused to talk to the ones living in Ukraine.

She wasn’t able to make Russian friends in Moscow as she was from Ukraine and her boss that hated Ukraine wanted her to renounce Ukraine, “that wasn’t even a true country”, and when she refused fired her. Her only friends in Moscow where other expats.

She was happy to go back to Ukraine and felt much more free as a Russian living in Ukraine than she felt in Moscow.

When I hear her I think that it is only time before we will be in war with Russia. These people are so brainwashed that it is inevitable.