Russian vs Western conceptions of War

Russia sees war as never-ending and relies on opportunism and social manipulation.

The west sees war as a means of resolving problems, and relies on technology, tactics and maneuver.

So Russia always attempts to steer even into an in-between space between peace and war, because it can neither win in peace nor in war.


One thought on “Russian vs Western conceptions of War

  1. Beauregard

    Russian FSB guard attacked U.S. diplomat outside Moscow embassy

    “… the fact that the FSB is willing to attack a U.S. diplomat and beat him up right in front of the American Embassy reflects that the Russian security services
    are becoming increasingly brash, said Evelyn Farkas, who
    served as deputy assistant secretary of defense for Russia,
    Ukraine and Eurasia for the Obama administration.

    “If this is true, it’s another example of the Russian security
    services demonstrating a willingness to break taboos,” she
    said. “The fact that they are using these brutal tactics against
    foreigners is taking things to a whole other level.”


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