1. Beauregard

    If you have followed the host’s comments on this and other forums,
    you can conclude that he has become iconoclastic about the Mongols.

    Read his comments and quotes such as, “In Origin of Political Order (2011),
    Stanford political economist Francis Fukuyama describes two and a half
    generations of Mongolian/Golden Horde absolutism as setting the stage
    for Russia’s further political development in specific contrast to what took
    place further west where overlapping social and religious institution
    moderated state power. Unlike Rome, the Russian Orthodox Church was
    always “caesaropapis.”

    He exhibits the parallel arguments that are offered by academia. Ridged
    in opinions based on limited research about how others really functioned.

    Scour the scribings on Genghis Khan and you might find other thoughts in
    his empire building.

    Consider this comment attributed to him: “Conquering the world on
    horseback is easy; it is dismounting and governing that is hard.”

    While his methods were brutal at that time there is a modicum or few
    morsels of reason in him.

    I do not have time for the next few months to analyze the facts behind
    my comments here above, but challenge the better among you to find
    the good in the Mongol empire as compared with the evil of Putin.

    Seek and find truth…

    1. Roman

      You’ll also notice that I rarely, if ever, describe things as “good” or “evil”. I usually talk in consequentialist terms.


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