Proof of Russians in Ukraine. Bearded Russian: I came to fight in E. Ukraine so I wouldn’t have to fight Americans at home #collection of links

Pre-May 2014

Hard to believe people are still arguing about this. Here’s the proof:

Contrary to what the video stated, this isn’t the first evidence of Russians in Ukraine.

Pavel Gubarev, self-proclaimed (and short tenured) governor of Donetsk is a Russian Citizen, as is Mika Ronkainen who climbed the State Administration building in Kharkiv and photographed himself with a Russian flag.

During take-over of Horlivka police, “I’m lieutenant colonel . . . of the Russian Army.”

The SBU has been arresting Russian citizens for weeks.

Separatist leader Oleg Bahtiyarov is Russian.

Fat Russian Nazi Girl Spying in Kherson.

Putin admitted there were Russian troops in Crimea prior to referendum (as if it wasn’t obvious).

The seized cities form a barrier to the Donbas region. It was planned and coordinated.

SWAT like tactics in seizure of Slaviansk Police Station.

They look and move like well trained soldiers. (Kramatorsk).

Even the less regular forces are heavily armed and uniformed..

The moved in a military formation, uniformed & heavily armed, then shot into the air to scare away police. (Another copy of the video)

They don’t shy from gun fights.

SBU intercepted phone call from Russian phone number of instructions being given to subversion group in Sloviansk after their firefight in which one SBU captain was killed.

Same guy in St Petersburg & Donbass.

Kharkiv eye witness spy — the pro-Russians are from Kursk.

Russian neo-nazi Anton Raevski identified in Odessa

“Russian spring” website gives advice for how Russian hooligans can infiltrate into Ukraine (the site)

Pro-Russian hooligans who savagely beat pro-Ukraine protesters in Kharkiv on April 13 didn’t know how to use the city’s metro

Pro-Russian hooligans who stabbed to death two pro-Ukraine protesters in Donetsk, beat others, forced them to kneel, urinated on them, didn’t recognize the anthem of the local football team.

Self-proclaimed Sloviansk deputy-mayor caught in Donetsk returning from Moscow with $19k and encryption equipment.

Instruction intercepted between GRU and special forces operating in E. Ukraine

Simon Ostrovsky describes a sophisticated system of prisoner handling and interrogation.

SBU says their prisons are overcrowded with Russian operatives.

Testimony from locals — they are not from here.

Igor Strelkov fingered by SBU as a high-level Russian agent formerly active in Chechnya. Moscow denies this.

Later Evidence