4 thoughts on “Russia’s List of “Enemies of the Motherland” includes Arnold Schwarzenegger and George Clooney

    1. Roman

      Thank you, Turtle. I think it’s good propaganda. It’s the strongest case for moral authority that Russia can make — emphasizing the shelling by Ukrainian military of civilian areas. So, good try.

      It falls way short, though. The moral authority clear rests with Ukraine. It is only the Russians who’ve engaged in widespread kidnapping and torture. They’ve also shelled civilian areas — often so that they could blame Ukrainians. They also fire on Ukrainians from civilian areas. Here’s a video of Russian snipers kicking civilians out of their homes to shoot at Ukrainians from the windows:


      Here is Putin himself articulating his strategy of putting women and children in the line of fire in order to win the moral high ground: http://romaninukraine.com/putin-on-women-children-as-human-shields/

      He failed.

  1. Julian

    Hello Roman,

    Thank you for the reply. There is so much war propaganda in the news bombarding us from all sides. Part of the reason I shared the video about “punitive battalions” with you was because I really don’t get a lot of this, particularly how people who lived as countrymen with each other for years can carry so much hatred. I do appreciate your passion and perspective that your country is fighting a war for independence. It would be easier if there was a global “good guy” to identify with. Apart from Iceland however, it’s pretty slim pickings right now.

    The sniper video is a little difficult for a non Russian speaking person to fully grasp or draw conclusions from. Certainly civilians are being moved out of a building yet this seems to be happening with a minimum of violence or threat. One of the soldiers in uniform is a woman. Are the Russians sending female combat soldiers to Ukraine? The other men seem … a bit irregular to be crack military people. That being said I am keenly aware I lack context or an appreciation of nuance. Since I’m largely interested in understanding your point of view I’m really not arguing your assertions.

    Similarly the video of Putin was interesting if for no other reason then his obvious passion. His remarks can be interpreted in several ways. Again without more context I’m not sure any conclusion is well supported.

    Previously I didn’t realize you had assigned me the name “turtle”. Being slow on the draw I only now now grasp the term is less then complimentary! Undoubtedly I missed something, could you give me the derivation and significance please? Thank you.

    1. Roman

      Several “types” of Russian propagandist personalities are described in a widely circulated BuzzFeed Article. Judging only by the name, I assume the “turtle” personalities are the Russian trolls are are very polite and gently suggest nonsense, or make comments like “we can never really know anything for sure . . . . propaganda for all sides . . . . there’s good and bad in everything.” :)(


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