Russia’s siege mentality in Fiction

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It again demonstrates what I keep saying: strength is all that matters to them. Not truth, not prosperity, not justice, just strength.

* As early as in 2001, Russian science fiction writer Roman Zlotnikov published the duology “Empire,” in which Russia creates a “Rurik Foundation” (Ruriks were the kings of Kyiv Rus) with the purpose to create an all-planet Russian Empire. Reformation starts with Russia. The plot resembles the plot of “Highlander” where immortal people attempt to influence historic events in the earth. The head of Rurik Foundation and its members are immortal and have a mission to restore monarchy in Russia and then to institute a Russian empire over the world. Rurik Foundation has inconceivablly huge financial resources and uses them honestly and unselfishly for the good of Russia by strengthening its army, supporting teachers and doctors, and creating a vast university.

* [2010] A series of books, “Baptism with Fire,” authored by the Russian nationalist of Ukrainian origin Maksym Kalashnikov (real name Vadim Kucherenko) describes scenarios of disintegration, the division of Russia into separate territories and the occupation of Russia by the West and China. A joint attack by NATO and China was described in a book in this series, “Star of Captivating Risk.” This scenario also mentions a so-called “Crimean Kosovo” plan. In 2012, Kalashnikov also described an apocalyptic scenario in his book “Collapse of Putin’s Russia: The darkness at the end of tunnel.” The author explores the collapse of Putin’s Russia as a result of disturbances in the financial world and the competition for resources. This serves as the justification for an urgent solution to prevent this negative scenario for Russia, one of which is a more active Russian position in the form of external expansion.

* Several books about a war with Russia against Ukraine have been issued in March 2009. The most prominent of them are “Battlefield Ukraine – broken Trident” by Georgiy Savitskiy and “Ukraine – collapse of the project” by Sergey Buntovskiy and Maxim Kalashnikov.

In the scenario of the book “Battlefield Ukraine – broken Trident,” “Orange Nazis” unleash civil war in Ukraine in 2010 by provoking mass riots against the legitimate government of Ukraine. With the help of “peacekeepers” of NATO, under the cover of US aircraft and armored vehicles, Western Ukrainian punitive squads with a trident on their shoulder straps begin to destroy the Russian-speaking population, wiping out entire cities; Poltava perishes in a fire, and Dnipropetrovsk is razed to the ground. All of the Ukrainian Left Bank (east side of the Dniepr), Crimea and Novorossiya (‘New Russia’) rise against the invaders. Russia helps Resistance fighters with the latest weaponry, volunteers and military advisers.

US and NATO support Ukrainian shelling of South Eastern Ukraine by AWACS (Airborne Warning and Control System), supported by F-15C and F-16 fighter jets. Heroic Russian pilots in SU-27SM and SU-30 aircraft destroy AWACS and US fighter jets. The Russians then start the operation “Broken Trident” to destroy the Korshun systems, US tanks and armored vehicles, US ground air-defense systems, US combat robots and to defeat joint NATO-Ukrainian forces.

After this defeat, Ukrainian nationalist terrorists from the organization ‘Tryzub’ (‘Trident’) seize a hospital and maternity home in Pereyaslav-Khmelnitskiy. Ukrainian nationalists request that Russian troops stop resistance in Donetsk within 24 hours or the hospital and maternity home will be blown up. Shocked, the US and the international community start to cooperate with Russia in order to prevent such a horrendous terrorist act. Russian speznaz (special forces) successfully storm the hospital and maternity home, and the cruel animals from ‘Tryzub’ are killed.

The book has been so popular in Russia that it was reissued in March 2014.

* The next book is “Ukraine – collapse of the project.” The topics and question discussed in the book concentrate on the non-recognition of Ukraine as separate nation: “If the Ukrainians are a separate nation, try then answer a few simple questions. For example, when were the “other” non-Russian peoples born? Where did they originate? When did they move to the lands of Kievan Rus? In what language did they speak?” The authors offer their own answers to those questions . . . The authors try to suggest to the reader that the main danger of the Ukrainian national myth is the supposed use of Russophobia as the main Ukrainian national idea and creating an image of an enemy from Russia and Russian-speaking people in Ukraine. It has been specially pointed out that Ukraine’s leaders perceive as not only the neighboring country, but also most of the population of Ukraine, branded as an internal enemy. The authors “forecast” that this makes Ukraine even more split, with growing conflict between the West and the East, and if this process is not stopped Ukraine can expect the sad fate of Yugoslavia.

The topic of possible NATO bases in Ukraine and the split of Ukraine as independent state as a Russian preventive measure are discussed. The authors believe that Russia has right to self-defense and the protection of citizens of Ukraine who are willing to be part of the Russki Mir (“Russian World) and who are against “unbridled” and shameless Ukrainian nationalists. The horrors of possible carnage of the Russian-speaking population were provided in full colors.

To prepare Ukrainian population for Russki Mir, the special program of Russian TV broadcasting on Ukraine was highlighted. On top of that, special programs to prepare units of Russian activists in Eastern and Southern Ukraine as well as Russian volunteers are considered to be a decisive factor in seizing key points in these regions of Ukraine.

* The book “Third Empire. Third Empire. What Russia Needs to Become” by Mikhail Yuriev, issued in 2006 elaborates that by 2053, during the Third World War, Russia will leave the US without its ruling elite, annex the whole of Europe, deprive of civil rights the populations of Britain and Ireland, and evict Estonians, Latvians and Lithuanians from their places of current residence. The new Russian empire establishes autocratic “people’s” power based on a caste system, with the leading role of caste “warriors.” The author claims that a Third World War is inevitable, after which the world will be divided between the five superpowers and Russia (one of them). . . .

It is worth mentioning that the author of the book, Mikhail Yuriev, was an aide to the government Russia with ministerial authority from 1992-1995 and Deputy Chairman of the Russian Parliament (Duma) from 1995 – 1999.

* To make the situation worse, Ukrainian science fiction writers from Eastern Ukraine followed the model of their Russian colleagues. Among the very illustrative books of Fedor Berezin: “War 2010. Ukrainian Front” (issued in 2009) and “2011. The war against NATO” (issued in 2010). One can easily understand by reading these books what values were suggested to the people living in Eastern Ukraine during the 23 years of Ukrainian independence.

Fedor Berezin is a Ukrainian science fiction writer living in Donetsk, Chairman of the science fiction club ‘Strannik’ (‘Wanderer’), deputy commandant of Donetsk, ex-deputy Minister of Defense of self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic, and member of Novorossiya (New Russia) “Parliament.” Fedor Berezin was appointed as Deputy Minister of Defense by Russian terrorist Igor Strelkov (aka Igor Girkin) on June 4, 2014. After the resignation of Igor Strelkov, Fedor Berezin remained in the position of Deputy Minister of Defense until November 2014. Since November 2014, he is deputy commandant of Donetsk.

* “2011. The war against NATO” is a sequel to the book “War 2010. Ukrainian Front.” According to the plot, Ukraine was occupied by American troops after being “betrayed by its own “elite.”. NATO warplanes are hovering in the sky. The Ukrainian island of Zmeiniy (“Snake” Island) in the Black Sea was captured by Romanians; Turks landed in the Crimea. The “democratic” West diligently failed to notice the aggression, Kyiv was silent, and the Ukrainian army provided no resistance to [NATO] invaders.

An annotation to the book: the book: “All of Southeast Ukraine is bleeding to death in any unequal fight against NATO occupiers and ‘banderivsti’ [West Ukrainian nationalist] punitive squads. But there are still patriots, people loyal to the [Russian] military duty and the officer’s honor, all Southeast of Ukraine is raising a wing of fighter planes [in Eastern Ukraine] that refuses to obey the orders of the Kyiv Ukrainian Nazis and here you go – NATO “hawks” downed by rebel missile battalions are burning, urban guerrillas made the occupiers a real hell on earth …”

* What shall be pointed out that Ukraine does not have enough and comparable products providing alternative to Russia science fiction, futurology, alternative history narrative. That is why many people in Eastern Ukraine were “reprogrammed” by such novels in form of capturing plots of Russian fiction.

* Russian TV broadcasting industry has also not lagged behind the trend. The scenario of war by Russia against Ukraine was broadcasted openly on the Russian channel Ren-TV in the program “Military Secret” on September 18, 2009.

This Russian science fiction scenario starts with the cutting off of Russian Black Sea fleet bases in Sevastopol by the Ukrainian army. Shortly before, additional Ukrainian troops, consisting of servicemen from Western Ukraine, had deployed in Sevastopol and Crimea. War starts from Sevastopol.

* One more “masterpiece” of Russian propaganda with “prophecies”: “What will happen with Ukraine in 2015” was put in YouTube on May 2012. . . .

The video clip shows the “alternative future” – June 22nd, 2015. Fierce fighting for the capital of Ukraine rages at full scale. “Freedom” “civilian” fighters from Kharkiv and Donbass named “Eastern liberation corps” after the series of victories over the Ukrainian army have come to Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine. On June 17, 2015, the Ukrainian army was ousted from Poltava, on June 19, 2015, from Cherkassy, on June 20, 2015, Eastern liberation corps sized Chernihiv, and on June 21st, 2015, the Eastern liberation corps entered Kyiv.

Nobody counts killed and wounded. In Kyiv, communications lines are damaged. Internet and mobile communications are not functioning. Bridges connecting the Left and Right banks of the Dniper river in Kyiv have been detonated. No potable water is available as retreating Ukrainian troops poisoned water in the Dnieper.

* in a short science fiction story ‘Without Sky’ (or ‘Cloudless Sky’ in some English translations), written by one of Putin’s closest political advisors, Vladislav Surkov, which was published under his pseudonym, Nathan Dubovitsky, just a few days before the annexation of Crimea. Surkov is credited with inventing the system of “managed democracy” that has dominated Russia in the 21st century, and his new portfolio focuses on foreign policy. This time, he sets his new story in a dystopian future, after the “fifth world war.”

Surkov writes: “It was the first non-linear war. In the primitive wars of the 19th and 20th centuries it was common for just two sides to fight. Two countries, two blocks of allies. Now four coalitions collided. Not two against two, or three against one. All against all.

And what coalitions! Not like the ones you had before – it was rare for whole countries to enter. A few provinces would join one side, a few others a different one. One town or generation or gender would join yet another. Then they could switch sides, sometimes mid-battle.”

* New Russian combat science fiction, series ‘Enemy at the gate’: ‘Medal for the city Washington’ by Vladislav Morozov, June 2015

Plot. 2020s. Everybody got it hot In the Third World War. Even the “golden billion”. Europe and Asia lay in nuclear ruins. However, the [Russian] decisive battle with the main enemy – the United States is still ahead. Reconnaissance mission of the Russian soldiers into enemy [US] territory brought a lot of useful information. The enemy [US] is still strong and ready to provoke a new global war, which it hopes to win, using the latest, extremely inhuman weapons. Russian soldiers of air born assault brigade are preparing to conduct a rapid raid, destroying a military base near the capital of the “Empire of Good” [United States]. The success of the operation will allow Russians to deprive the enemy [United States] of one of its primary military assets.

Author devoted his book to “all people who fight fascism in XXI century.”