2 thoughts on “Scenes from Yellow Vest Protests (graphic)

  1. Walt

    The protest are both left and right wing with centrist too. Even if a good right wing party forms and wins, the social promises made decades ago were designed for a simpler system. Simple in that there was less to maintain before, less infrastructure, less medical technology. Even without immigration isssues, the following list of problems cumulatively are what I think is causing this;
    the consentration of wealth, mass production, and mass trade and the availablity of extensive medical solutions, along with raised expectations.

    I saw a credible report that said there was planned sharp reduction in the pension payments. This explains the large amount of older people.

    On a different note, I logged in to have you see this video of interview where some very intersting coments after the 10 minute mark. Suggested was a Scandanavian civilly armed society in Ukraine and this from a American Democrat.


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