Security Update

May 22 – Terrorist have made several attempts to break through the state border of Ukraine in Luransk region. A number of state border service officers have been wounded and shell-shocked as a result of these attacks (snipers were also involved). “The snipers were aiming at our officers from the nearest buildings. The fight lasted 1.5 hours”, informs State Border Guard Service of Ukraine.

May 22 – On Thursday night the terrorists from Russia have made a fourth attempt to break through the state border of Ukraine. “Three reinforced heavy duty vehicles – KAMAZ accompanied by a NIVA automobile have tried to break through the state border of Ukraine from Russian Federation. Ukrainian state border officers have countered the attack and urgently called on the Border Service of Russia to ensure proper order on the Russian side”, stated Ukraine’s Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk.

May 22 – A Russian citizen was detained by the border guards at the passenger train station in Kharkiv. This man worked as a sniper during the two Chechen wars and was travelling to eastern parts of Ukraine. He recently received additional briefing and trained intensively in Rostov-on-Don.

May 22 – A five hour fight took place between the soldiers of the National Guards of Ukraine and the “South-Eastern Army near the cities of Rubizhne and Lysyschansk in Luhansk oblast. A bridge over Siverskyi Donets River was blown up during the confrontation.

May 22 – 16 Ukrainian soldiers died as a result of an armed clash between the insurgents and the anti-terrorist operation participants near Volnovakha in Donetsk region.

May 22 – Security Service of Ukraine (SSU) has exposed a base of saboteurs, which was located in downtown Kyiv, right above the office of one of deputies of the Supreme Council of Ukraine. Terrorists opened fire when SSU officers arrived at this location. 40 kalashnikov rifles, explosives and Russian flags were found at this base. The terrorists have been arrested. They were operating in Kyiv under the orders of Russian intelligence agencies, informs SSU.

May 22 – The leader of Luhansk based separatists Valeriy Bolotov has addressed Russian President Vladimir Putin calling on him to deploy peace keeping troops to the “Luhansk Republic”. A few days prior Bolotov travelled to Russia. On Saturday, May 17th he fought his way back to Ukraine.

May 22 – Terrorists who are operating in Donbas are trained at a large army base near Rostov-on-Don in Russian Federation, informs the Secretary of the National Security and Defence Council of Ukraine Andriy Parubiy. He also says that on Thursday night the insurgents implemented their attacks in 4 Donbas cities. All the attacks were fought off.


How to end the war in 3 days:

“Dear Citizens of Ukraine. If you come to Maidan with your passport and $300, you can purchase an AK-47 and 200 rounds of ammunition. Your passport will be stamped. One stamp per person. You must attend a three-hour training course. Courses will be held at Maidan around the clock until people stop coming. You can purchase your weapon immediately after completing the course. Proceeds will go toward equipping the Ukrainian Army.”