Seeing #Russia|n tactics in #Ukraine helps me understand how the Soviet Union was possible.

Seeing #Russia|n tactics in #Ukraine helps me understand how the Soviet Union was possible.

3 thoughts on “Seeing #Russia|n tactics in #Ukraine helps me understand how the Soviet Union was possible.

  1. beauregard

    So a former writer forgets to explain and scribe details…

    Where are the facts and discussion thereof?


  2. walt

    I haven’t read Mish’s blog for a long time, but with the currency crisis around the world, I happened onto his site recently. Here is his insane view of the Mariopol attack yesterday, he seems not to know ruSSian history and aside from the fact that they killed millions of Ukrainians by starvation, under times of “peace”, the russians killed millions of their own people.

    Roman, it seems the wast majority of public libertarians tow the kremlin line, perhaps too non public libertarians. If what I said is true, then, is not the whole libertarian movement flawed?
    Nazism and Communism had good points too, the fact the libertarians have good points does not make the whole good. I believe libertarians are autocratic people. much like any cult like organization. If they ruled things. I think the results would be similar to communism.

    You once said in a libertarian site interview, “aren’t we, (libertarians), suppose to be the smart ones”, so have said the communists, the germans the japanese. Yet they kiled millions.
    The abuse of debt in modern economies is a major fault, neither of which the democrats or the republicans in America are aware of and that is one view libertarians have that is based in realism.

    The non-libertarian conservatives, nor the isolationist conservatives have foreign policy views that bring peace, their views are similar to the democrats and the western communists.

    The west is certainly smarter than ruSSia and yet does that make the western leaders good at leading? Libertarians like other smart people live in a fantasy world not in reality. I hope after experiencing the last 12 months you will give it up and seek meaning in the more mainstream right wing consevative world.

  3. beauregard

    Now China is taking talking points and actions from Russia:

    China deploying troops to Africa to protect its investments & nationals

    Excerpt: According to David Shinn, a former American
    ambassador to Ethiopia and Burkina Faso, and an expert
    on China-Africa relations, China is realizing it can’t keep
    relying on African governments to protect its economic
    investment in Africa and the thousands of Chinese nationals
    who’ve moved to the continent. China’s economic growth
    and internal stability relies on free and open trade routes.

    In 2008, when Somali pirates began abducting merchant
    ships on a weekly basis—and jacking up insurance costs—
    China joined the international naval mission to stop the
    hijackers. (Protecting its nationals, eh? Reminds me a bit
    of Russia trying to protect Russians in E. Ukraine. The
    US is incensed by that, but no one dares challenge the
    dragon any more. Funny how we get 2 completely different
    sets of rules from one country to another.

    Of special interest: The Chinese government is signing
    security-related partnerships with Egypt. Washington
    DC was eager to oust Mubarak and install a radical
    Islamic sharia government during the Arab Spring.
    These partnerships with Egypt will tend to keep the
    Al-Sisi government safe against another US-supported
    debacle of that kind. What a weird world! –Don Hank)


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