Sign the petition: Ask the Pulitzer Board to revoke Duranty’s prize

The US Committee on Ukrainian Holodomor-Genocide Awareness has begun a national campaign to ask the Pulitzer Prize Board to reconsider its 2003 decision not to revoke the Pulitzer Prize awarded to Walter Duranty. Duranty lied about the true circumstances of Stalin’s implementation of his industrialization and collectivization policies. Duranty claimed that there was no starvation in Ukraine during the 1932–1933 genocide known as the Holodomor. The Committee asks that the Pulitzer Prize Board take a moral stand after 89 years and revoke the Duranty prize.

Please sign your name to the petition. You do not have to contribute any money to the campaign. Just share your name. Help us reach a number of signatures that will move the Pulitzer Board to make the morally correct decision.