Some low-lights in Ukrainian-Jewish Relation

Offered by a friend:

A. the Khmelnytsky pogroms (a Jew in high school even confronted me about that, as if I were responsible!)

B. the Petliura pogroms of WWI era (Petliura had nothing to do with them and condemned them)

C. the alleged pogroms in Lviv in June 1941 (there’s a “scholar” in Edmonton, the Leftist radical John-Paul Himka, who has devoted his whole career to this issue, even though Nachtigall Battalion commander Roman Shukhevych was found by Yad Vashem not to have participated and I wrote an editorial about that for the Kyiv Post in 2008)

D. JOHN DEMJANJUK (exonerated by an Israeli court of being the alleged Ivan the Terrible (at the tender age of 23 !?!) yet convicted nonetheless for merely being present at a camp at which the atrocities allegedly occurred)

E. American Olympic gold medalist swimmer Lenny Krayzelburg claimed he was persecuted for being Jewish (in Odessa in the 1990s, of all places!!!) to gain U.S. citizenship


The short lived Western Ukrainian Republic codified representation for Jews.

Jews, though few in number, participated in the UPA’s insurgency against the Soviets.

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  1. Walt

    There’s been some low lights in the Ukrainian Polish relationship. Here is a google translate excerpt from a Polish site. (Many Polish nationalist follow under the banner of Falanga an extreme right wing so called Catholic movement, headed in the interwar period by Roman Dmowski, which today has a large growing following).
    According to a cause-and-effect relationship, pro-Russian politician Roman Dmowski together with national democrats are responsible for having left over a million Poles in the East to Russia (Treaty of Riga, 1921). The Stalinist genocide of the Poles in the territories of the First Polish Republic became the result of this betrayal of the endeków. During the repression, Great Famine in Ukraine and Polish NKVD Operation, hundreds of thousands of Poles were murdered by the Stalinists in the most cruel way!

    Now we all condemn the Banderites! That’s good. However, we did not hear that anyone from the contemporary supporters of pro-Russian Dmowski condemned the bloody Stalinist murderers responsible for the genocide of Poles who during the First World War were outside the borders of the Second Polish Republic. We must remember them! We must also consider whether it is worth glorifying the people who put it there in the process of implementing Pilsudski’s geopolitical vision …

    Let us remind you that the Polish delegation, dominated by oriented pro-Russian politicians, signed a peace treaty between Poland and Bolshevik Russia on March 18, 1921 in Riga. The provisions of the Riga peace for Piłsudski meant the end of dreams about the federation of the Baltic and Black Sea interim states. This was the greatest political defeat of the Marshal. Over one million Poles were under Russian occupation …

    On August 11, 1937, the head of the NKVD, Nikolai Yezhov, signed an order to start a Polish operation whose aim was the genocide of Poles living in the Soviet Union. About 111 thousand people were murdered directly during the war Poles. They died for being Poles. Operation Polska NKWD was the first genocide committed on the Polish nation.

    1. RomanInUkraine Post author

      It’s important to remember the highlights. There was good, mutually beneficial cooperation as well. Thank for the video.


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