Some low-lights in Ukrainian-Jewish Relation

Offered by a friend:

A. the Khmelnytsky pogroms (a Jew in high school even confronted me about that, as if I were responsible!)

B. the Petliura pogroms of WWI era (Petliura had nothing to do with them and condemned them)

C. the alleged pogroms in Lviv in June 1941 (there’s a “scholar” in Edmonton, the Leftist radical John-Paul Himka, who has devoted his whole career to this issue, even though Nachtigall Battalion commander Roman Shukhevych was found by Yad Vashem not to have participated and I wrote an editorial about that for the Kyiv Post in 2008)

D. JOHN DEMJANJUK (exonerated by an Israeli court of being the alleged Ivan the Terrible (at the tender age of 23 !?!) yet convicted nonetheless for merely being present at a camp at which the atrocities allegedly occurred)

E. American Olympic gold medalist swimmer Lenny Krayzelburg claimed he was persecuted for being Jewish (in Odessa in the 1990s, of all places!!!) to gain U.S. citizenship


The short lived Western Ukrainian Republic codified representation for Jews.

Jews, though few in number, participated in the UPA’s insurgency against the Soviets.