6 thoughts on ““Terrifying report” by Huff Post shows how pro-Russian separatists tortured 4,000 people

    1. Beauregard

      Walt did you see this comment on the Twitter bar?

      ” My Next job: create Ukr Ranger School?”

      Have you read my post on leadership?

      Leadership is not dreaming of job you want, rather training
      others to take your place so you can lead.

      Oh well, another case of excutivitis…

    1. Roman

      —“But perhaps the most depressing aspect of this shameful spectacle is how patriotic feeling in Russia today, in 2016, has to be roused through such sordid skirmishes, and the low-minded, loutish support of those who respond – people who clearly don’t realise that by encouraging this form of behaviour they are setting a ticking time-bomb under themselves. Because the kids who are now watching the football on television will be taking it all in, and when they start to ask questions of their government (as one day they surely will), they’ll remember that this is how issues get resolved – with a clenched fist and some military know-how.”—

      Russia is providing the west with a valuable education. Violence does matter, and when put in the service of justice and defense of social norms, violence can be a virtue.

  1. walt

    MUST MUST read article from a Russian orthodox site, they are commenting about the current orthodox bishops meeting in Cyprus and event that was 50 years in the process of making. the Russian church is boycotting this event.

    here is a excerpt from this article;
    “…attempting to destroy the Russian Orthodox Church and Faith, the satanic New World Order’s proposed Orthodox Council has led only to our clear identification of the unrepentant traitors in our midst – by waiting for them to reveal themselves, we now know who is ready for cleansing. ”




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