3 thoughts on “Tex Mex BBQ

  1. elmer

    Yes, indeed. Mainly, because it has clean public restrooms!

    Mickey D’s has been the object of much sneering and jeering and derision in assorted Ukrainian forums and blogs over the years, including oft-repeated comments about the much-hated “hemboorgery” and the anti-American overtones that go with those comments.

    Mainly, the sneering and jeering and derision come from the anti-democracy sovok mafiosi who rely on maintaining their power with old sovok propaganda, which includes anti-Americanism and lots of references to “victory over fascists.” You can tell that there are paid trolls who are paid to bombard various forums and sites to slow down democracy, freedom, and anything that is seen to impinge on the power of entrenched sovok mafiosi.

    And yet…. people vote with their feet, and their money, and their presence.

    There is even an imitator in Kyiv called Foxy’s – where you can get Foxy Balls. Anthony Bourdain showed it on his Travel Channel program.

    In Maskva, when Mickey D’s first opened, it was the biggest opening in Mickey D’s history anywhere – there were literally tens of thousands of people lined up, despite all of the anti-American xenophobia. You can probably still find the video on You Tube.

    Yes – it is great to have choices.


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