The Budapest Memorandums for Security Assurances do not obligate the US to intervene in Ukraine

This is a post-Cold War agreement between the Russian Federation, the US, the UK, and Ukraine, in regards to nuclear non-proliferation, and to respect Ukrainian sovereignty. It is not a mutual defense agreement. It is not titled, as some have claimed, a Memorandum for Security Assistance. It is three governments, the US, the UK, and the Russian Federation, agreeing, individually, to abide by the six points listed above. There is no obligation to defense.

Gun. Ownership.


  1. Vegas

    The treaty text is very clear. I don’t how people could get any illusions that it will help them. Guarantors only obliged to address UN Security Council and only if Ukraine is threatened with nuclear weapon.

    1. Roman

      I would go even further and say that Russia has again done the world the favor of disproving a progressive fantasy. First, they disproved the viability of socialism and central planning. Now, they disprove the comforting illusion of international law which absolved people of the obligation to defend themselves.


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