The Castle in Radomysl

It had been a paper mill and a regular mill, but built by a creative builder in the form of a castle. A Ukrainian philanthropist took over in 2009 and now it is a hotel, tourist attraction, and museum of ancient Ukrainian society and religious life.

Part of the structure is built without a foundation on the natural granite:

The museum included religion icons organized by region. The blue skies with radiance are from Poltava. The icons with leather clothing attached to the them are from Luhansk. The black and blue halos are from Kyiv. The red backgrounds are from Chernivtsi. The naive style art is from the Carpathians. The three-piece fold-out icons are also Hutsul.

These straw pitchers were waterproof and held wine:

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  1. Beauregard

    Why not explore an even older history of North Western Ukraine? Trace the ancient Amber Road and the environs of Rivne Ukraine and it relatively unknown Amber industry today….
    Understand that while Rivne is a historical source of Amber, Rivne’s place on Amber Road is denied by main stream historical writers, call that bias is you will. It denies where Amber came from. Go to Rivne and find the truth, if you seek truth.

    When in Kiev look at boat on Dnepr River and grasp that it followed route up river that approached near modern Rivne and then after a short distance found rivers going to Baltic.

    That was the real Amber road.


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