The Displaced Persons Act of 1948 — It almost didn’t happen

(The Ukrainian Weekly, Sunday, November 27, 2011)

There was resistance from Communists who wanted all Soviet dissidents executed, from Zionists who thought the act would disrupt the flow of Jews to Israel, and from Jewish groups who thought all Baltic and Ukrainian people were Nazis.

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  1. elmer

    Roman, that’s a very, very interesting article.

    It also brings to mind a question – why were there no sovoks brought to account, and justice, for the crimes committed by the sovok union, which murdered millions and millions of people?

    Also – this is broader, but I would like to strongly recommend the book by English scholar Andrew Wilson, one of a few that he has written about Ukraine, entitled “Ukrainians – An Unexpected Nation.”

    It traces the historical roots of Ukraine all the way to just before the Orange Revolution, is incredibly well-researched, and provides a wonderful analysis of all the currents and counter-currents in Ukraine, all of the forces which have tugged and are tugging at Ukraine.

    He has also written a book about the Orange Revolution, and is a scholar who knows what he is talking about, in stark contrast to Putler apologists and understanders like Stephen Cohen, who knows bupkus about Ukraine, but nevertheless offers his stupid opinions.

    James Sherr, Paul Goble, Alexander Motyl, Taras Kuzio are others who are very familiar with Ukraine and know what they are talking about. I don’t mean to imply that there aren’t others.

  2. Beauregard


    It is good to see you posting. While I may seem to the only one willing
    to comment on this side, there are others who peruse this site. I am told
    they know who Roman is and respect his military achievements.

    I know that many want to know more…

    So, keep posting

  3. Roman Korol

    Roman, many thanks for posting this article by Dr. Myron Kuropas that sheds light on a very little known aspect of Ukrainian history and the fate of Ukrainian refugees after the end of World War II. Further info may be found here:

    Repatriation of Ukrainian Displaced People after World War II, by Stefan Lemieszewski

    As regards John Demjanjuk, extensive commentary and documentation on his case, by Dr. Lubomyr Prytulak of Canada, is available at these links:

    It is greatly to be regretted that none of this material is common knowledge.


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