The “fascists” got 1% and the anti-fascists smashed ballot boxes with bats.

The “fascists” got 1% of the vote. The “anti-fascists” smashed up their ballot boxes with baseball bats.

Are you still f@cking confused?

3 thoughts on “The “fascists” got 1% and the anti-fascists smashed ballot boxes with bats.

  1. Ed K

    First thing is you are read or quoted by many in Ukrainian
    Diaspora in North America.

    Use of gutter slang is not professional nor appropriate.

    I just cannot forward url citations with childish slang garbage.

    Otherwise we would be interested in rational description
    of results and happenings.

    Posting to Facebook does not get you known to other movers and
    shakers who may be members of over the hill gang, but still direct
    influence within their spheres. Remember the Godfather?

    Would the ladies of St. Georges appreciate you language.

    Why waste your time and keystrokes posting foul language when
    you are capable of good clear appropriate descriptive words?

    Or have you lost that skill? Atrophied mental neural synapses.

    Remember you cannot change the world alone, but you can cast a
    stone across the murky waters to create ripples of political change.
    So, listen to that inner voice and ask if that language is effective

  2. elmer

    Ed K

    Dropping the f-bomb is perfectly appropriate as a means of emphasizing a point in some cases. This is one of the cases.

    Ukraine has some of the most FUCKED UP people in the world – brainless, zombified relics and by-products of the sovok union, who were brainwashed by the sovok system so severely that they don’t know how to think.

    Putler puts out his Kremlinoid Krappola that Ukraine has been overrun by “fascists.”

    Then he send in Kremlinoid thugs to stir things up, to kill people – Putler is the goddamn fascist.

    The Kremlinoid fascists declared themselves to be “republics,” they tried to have a fake-a-rendum at the point of machine guns, and they ripped out ballot boxes and ballots in order to try to disrupt legitimate elections for president and city mayors in Ukraine.

    They are killing people.

    And yet you focus on the f-bomb.

    Ukraine is subjected to vicious Putler thugs who kill people.

    They are fucking ass holes.

    Just like the woman in Donetsk that I saw on video:

    “they knocked down the statue of Lenin – how will we live now?

    Fucked up people who can’t think, all thanks to the Kremlinoid brainwashing – years of it.

    But you want to focus not on the killing, but on someone who describes the killing with the f-bomb, which also indicates the insanity of the Kremlinoid Krappola and the senseless loss of lives due to Vlad Dracul Putler.

    That’s a bit bass ackwards, Ed K.

    1. Ed K


      Thank you for reply.

      Your comments are o.k. for some situations. However, this site is
      international forum for information about Ukraine. And you are
      contributor to international forum.

      No, the use of gutter language is neither appropriate nor necessary
      for use on this forum.

      Both you and Roman are thought to be a step up in ability, yes? If
      you want to create emphasis, you and Roman are thought to be
      capable of creating emphasis, excitement, attention getting, through
      use of language, metaphors, analogies, slight of words.

      Using gross short cuts is not acceptable to men of ability. Reach higher!


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