Theory: Obama negotiated Crimea with Putin by having the children of Americans get the benefits.

ROMNEY, PELOSI, KERRY, and BIDEN, all have children working for Ukrainian Oil and Gas exploration companies . . . .

Obama’s famous “flexibility after the election” line to Putin on the hot mic, never really got into the details of what that agreement was for. As we all know, the Crimean annexation was in 2014, two years after the mic incident. I also find it VERY interesting, that all of these politicians involved with their children on the boards of these companies, are all ‘anti-Russia’ in words, but never in action.

. . . .

Here’s a thought: The flexibility Obama was talking about was in regards to Putin wanting Crimea. The deal is, Obama makes it happen but will enrich the children of major players by inserting them into positions of companies that will benefit massively from the price of oil driving higher in the near term, and in the long term, have a steady supply of income for generations, as Ukrainian oil and gas is geographically one of the most profitable and lucrative areas outside of the Middle East. Where does Romney come into play? Romney knows his chances are slim, so he deliberately lets himself lose- his 47% comment that was recorded at an event is what everyone says undid his campaign. Surely he knows one of the 500 people in the audience could have been recording- but a secret camera in a plant was the one that did him in? No, that was orchestrated, and his benefit is his linneage getting financial security for generations.

Here’s my overall take: The hatred towards Russia is just a farce, a cover if you will, because they actually like Russia stirring up conflict when need be, made deals with Putin so that he gets Crimea and their families get rich. The corrupt Ukrainians themselves sold their own land and people to enrich themselves, allow the children of powerful Americans to become rich, by conceding to the Russians.

Here’s Obama’s hot mic moment which is referenced in the article: “After my election I have more flexibility”.