2 thoughts on “Troll From Britain’s “Libertarian Alliance” Says “GO PUTIN!”

  1. elmer

    This is absolutely priceless.

    I can’t tell you how many times Kremlinoid trolls posted: “you have no right to comment unless you live in Ukraine.”

    Now a “libertarian” moron claims that you, Roman, are not allowed to post or comment or have an opinion, because you live in Ukraine.


  2. walt

    Aside from the kremlin paid libertarian trolls, which the above twit maybe, I consistently attack the insanity of the libertarians in general. It seems whether they are public libertarians like Ron Paul or Mish’s, or David Stockmann, Chris Matheson or they are private most are authoritarian nuts. Either libertariansim is good and is hijacked by the bad or it is bad and attracts the bad.
    Except for their belief that use of debt is bad, I see little good in the movement.


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