4 thoughts on “Trump: Putin’s ‘Not Going Into Ukraine’

  1. walt

    In that video link above, a consultant for Trump, who’s name is Boris, (not a joke), says @ the 4:30 mark, “Russia did not seize Crimea!”

  2. Beauregard

    Trump and Ukraine

    While the reason for his shift is not clear,
    Trump’s more conciliatory words — which
    contradict his own party’s official platform —
    follow his recent association with several
    people sympathetic to Russian influence in
    Ukraine. They include his campaign manager
    Paul Manafort, who has worked for Ukraine’s
    deposed pro-Russian president, his foreign
    policy adviser Carter Page, and the former
    secretary of state and national security adviser
    Henry Kissinger.


    Trump called it futile to continue pressing for
    Russia to give up Crimea. “You wanna go back?”
    Trump asked. “You want to have World War
    III to get it back?”


    I suspect if elected, Manafort might be first to go.


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