Two Stanford Alumni Working to Help Protect Ukraine

Nico and Roman (me) were both ex-pat entrepreneurs living in Ukraine before Russia’s invasion. Now, we are helping with logistical efforts, both humanitarian and non-lethal military aid.

We take no compensation, and work with a broad network of volunteers in Ukraine and Eastern Europe.

We’ve partnered with the Ukrainian Freedom Fund, which allows us to accept tax-deductible donations.

Please consider donating to any of our projects. They all serve urgent needs (though for now, we are placing some emphasis on vehicles, as it seems that fewer organizations are addressing this).

➡️ DONATE to Vehicles for Ukraine

➡️ DONATE to Raw Materials for Production of Body Armor

➡️ DONATE to Medical Aid to Wounded Ukrainian Defenders

I have personally purchased a vehicle and reimbursed some of the volunteers for gas. Some of them have also purchased vehicles at personal expense. We have good processes for our work, and are now limited mainly by funding.

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