Ukraine approves tougher anti-separatism law amid eastern unrest

The Ukrainian parliament approved a bill against separatism on Tuesday in a bid to end violent pro-Russian rallies in the country’s east regions.

I have mixed feeling about this legislation.

I am for secession as a principle.

But right now with the Russian military massed on the border, and Pro-Ukrainian activists being murdered by Russian “tourists,” I think it’s better to wait.

Right now, Ukrainians are relying on the Ukrainian gov’t to defend them, and the government needs a legal means to do so.

If it were up to me:

step 1 – arm the population
step 2 – wait. let the situation stabilize.
step 3 – provide local autonomy to cities and provinces.
step 4 – invite international observers and allow regions to have referendums.

I’d rather Ukraine be a bunch of people who want to be Ukrainian than a bunch of people held together at gun point.

Of course, such ideas are poison to radical nationalists who can’t distinguish between the state and the culture. To them I would point to thriving Ukrainian communities in Canada, the US, Argentina.

Perhaps the considerations are only a little bit different here, where Russia will resort to every and any treachery to increase their leverage over Ukraine.

Contrary to most libertarian doctrine, defense does seem to have been a communal activity.