Ukraine averted greater bloodbath, Moskal alleges

A much bigger operation was planned against the protesters. The article doesn’t specify, but I suspect loyalty broke down within the ranks.

I’m wondering whether a non-homogenous society would have been able to pull this off. It requires so much trust in your fellow citizen.


imo: This may be a false flag headline to demonize the Yanukovych regime.

3 thoughts on “Ukraine averted greater bloodbath, Moskal alleges

  1. elmer

    Roman, it has nothing to do with homogeneity. Sovok society was fundamentally based on a system of distrust – after all, little Pavlyk was a huge sovok hero for tattling on his parents about “anti-soviet” statements.

    Parents were afraid to talk in front of their children, or others, and this is captures perfectly by Orlando Figes in his book, “The Whisperers” – because there were eyes and ears everywhere.

    But you are right – those people on Maidan had trust in each other, and it is very notable.

    Also, there were many militia who refused to carry out illegal orders to shoot civilians.

    If you watch last Friday’s Savik Shuster show from Feb 21, which you can find here – – watch Hrytsenko.

    That is something that he explains – and the fact that he and others had to find way to protect those brave men who were not going to participate in slaughtering citizens.

    Savik Shuster has had quite a journey – going from the “first government” channel, to the Ukraina channel, then to Inter, where Inter canned him.

    Inter also lured Anna Bezulik from Channel 5, and then canned her. She was excellent in keeping long-winded Ukrainians on a tight schedule.

    Savik Shuster appeared last Friday on Channel 5, Peter Poroshenko’s channel, the “chocolate king,” whose Roshen chocolates are sold all over the world, but have been banned in the Rasha – for “health reasons – harmful to Rossiyans”.

      1. Ed K


        Is Roman saying we can no longer trust him?

        Keep in mind Roman often posted about writing book, yet where is it?

        I hope that we had found a writer that could analyze Cossack culture
        as interrupted by Philip Orlik and how it is preserved in Ukrainian culture.

        However, I admit he posted a nice scribing on Vdare…

        It is just not productivity we expected from his past record.

        Maybe he sits too much before glaring screen or goes to dank gym and does not walk in sunlight enough. It is amazing what sunlight does…


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