Ukraine investigates 94-year-old Jewish veteran over nationalist’s death in 1952

The head of Ukraine’s Institute for National Memory, Volodymyr Vyatrovych, is attempting to follow model of Nazi persecutions and go after, Boris Steckler, a 94-year-old ex-NKVD agent who murdered the Ukrainian nationalist artist who made decorations for the Ukrainian nationalist resistance to the Soviet regime. Volodymyr immediately got accused of anti-semitism, even though it was nowhere in his accusation.

In an unprecedented move, Ukrainian authorities are opening a criminal investigation into 94-year-old Jewish WWII hero, Col. Boris Steckler, who is accused of having killed a Nazi collaborator.,7340,L-4955865,00.html

Ukraine’s prosecutor general has opened a murder investigation against a 94-year-old Jewish Red Army veteran over the 1952 killing of a nationalist insurgent who has been accused of collaborating with Nazis.

The case comes amid a “decommunisation” campaign by the Ukrainian government, which has celebrated nationalist groups who fought the Soviets. If charged, the veteran could face a prison sentence.

The prosecutor general opened the investigation into the “intentional killing of two or more people on the territory of Rivne region in March 1952 by members of the administration of the state security ministry”, according to a copy of a letter posted on the website of the National Human Rights Centre, an organisation which has assisted nationalists facing prosecution.

The website said the case was that of Nil Khasevych, a member of the Ukrainian Insurgent Army (UIA) who, along with two other fighters, was killed by Soviet security forces in a standoff at that place and time.

Incidentally, Russia, which in certain circles portrays itself as a great ally of nationalists, is usually the first to throw around accusations of nazism and anti-semitism when there’s any expression of national pride or identity in Eastern Europe.


2 thoughts on “Ukraine investigates 94-year-old Jewish veteran over nationalist’s death in 1952

  1. Walt

    From the ynet news link in this article the comments are worth reading, especially if you want to raise your blood pressure. But this comment is a must read;
    Rustam R Ganeev
    Actualy so called “nazi collaborator” Nil Hasevich was a jew, and he didnt took any partycipation in any gunfights, he was an artist who draw a graphic production for UPA. Stekler all of these times under Soviet occupation were so proud of himself and gaved a few interview about circumstances of these slaughter that he did. He rop a grenade in rebels hideout.
    all of these facts did not deny that UPA were mostly antisemitic organisation, with anisemitic declarations, but that was cold blood kill of innocent jewish graphic artist who by the hands of NKVD (not KGB) officer.
    Rustam R Ganeev. Somrim Kiyv. Ukraine.
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    1. Beauregard

      Walt, thank you for some truth of history instead of Soviet garbage. What I do not grasp is why so many believe such garbage. I know many, to include many of my relatives. Courage to seek the truth is too rare.


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