Ukraine War Amps Charity Newsletter

Dear friend,

Thank you for your support of Ukraine War Amps in the past years!

Thanks to you and hundreds caring people like you, many wounded veterans in Ukraine, families of Fallen Heroes, and children of war received precious support that they needed the most!

Please join our community in 2019 and review UWA activities on Facebook:

US$36,000, which UWA community raised in 2018, made a huge difference in life of hundreds families in Ukraine!
As always, Ukraine War Amps deliver 100% of your donation to the wounded veteran in need and the report is posted on our community Facebook page and/or send to you directly.

For donations please reply to this email or donate through PayPal using as the beneficiary.

Thank you again for your support in 2014-2018!


Here you can read more about us and what we do: