Ukrainian Naval Commander Defects

I think all but the most naive Ukrainians have long assumed the military was completely infiltrated by Russian intelligence, so this headline is probably more shocking to westerners.

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“Commander of the Naval Forces of Ukraine Denis Berezovsky took the oath of allegiance to “the inhabitants of Crimea and Sevastopol City”

This Berezovsky, appointed commander of the Navy on the eve Turchynov Ukraine, said before many cameras mainly Russian TV channels.

“I swear to obey orders of the Supreme Crimea and Sevastopol …. courageously to protect the life and freedom of the inhabitants of the Crimea and Sevastopol” – said Berezovsky.”

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  1. Ed K

    What the naval commander did may be just a pragmatic approach to
    situation. Save the structure for the structures value and not immediately
    get into hostile destruction of assets.

    Why lose his control of assets in foggy bottom?

    In any conflict with Russia, the Russian Black Sea fleet is vastly superior
    to the old second hand castoffs from the Russians. In order to maintain
    assets, just play along.

    His decision is probably based on good judgment of potential outcomes.

    Now all this gets back to my recommendation of years past to Roman to
    visit this corner of Ukraine. However, he followed his own agenda.

    Back then he claimed he wanted to be writer? I am resigned to fact that
    he is mostly talk and little productivity. So, my position is like naval
    commander, just accept situation and move on.

    Andriy needs to find Roman large size lady to sit on him who takes no guff
    and gets some production to the world. Time is fleeting… as the current
    situation demonstrates.

    Audacity, Audacity, always Audacity!


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