Ukrainian Resurgence in Kuban!

Journalists ” Spіlnobachennya ” came to contact the youth organization “Kuban wave” and ultras FC “Kuban” . They commented on the situation in his region and its relationship to Moscow and Ukraine.
“New revolutionary events in the homeland of our ancestors did not allow us to remain neutral and detached to observe everything that is happening. We Kuban Cossack youth decided to declare their support for Ukraine. After the revolution, 1917-1922, . Us Cossacks , separated from you, dekulakize we survived the destruction , a great famine , war , repression, and we have not forgotten about it. continuer of the KGB now robbing our land : cops run drug trafficking, Kadyrov mayhem across the Kuban, looting and raping with impunity under the roof of the FSB .
Putin and other Kremlin Gundyayev dwarfs build palaces, richer your Intermountain , and we , ordinary people , to the skin peel . In the Olympiad Putin regime has stolen about $ 100 billion , and prepares the following cuts .
We also got all this criminal occupation , and we realize that our main enemy is in the Kremlin. The older generation had a lot of shovel heads. But the youth wakes up , it becomes more conscious and more drawn to our own history .
We all realize that our future is not with the oppressor – the Kremlin and with our historical homeland – Great Ukraine. Revolution and the overthrow of the criminal occupation you give us an example to follow , and inspiration in the fight against the Putin regime . At the same time , we understand that our strength unequal , so we will wait Ukrainian Liberation Army in the Kuban region of the solar lands . Glory to Ukraine ! “