Ukrainian soldier Vasyl Kovbel, 62


Ukrainian soldier Vasyl Kovbel, 62, has been serving in the Ukraine war for more than a year. He has two children and six grandchildren. An artist, he was ostracized in the Soviet Union for religious imagery in his paintings. In combat, he draws strength from doing what he can to protect the younger soldiers.

“The war has made me believe in God even more,” he told me. “Life will go on. There is no better medicine than love. I tell my family that. Love can solve anything.”

One thought on “Ukrainian soldier Vasyl Kovbel, 62

  1. Beauregard

    Ukraine is insubordinate nation

    “Ukraine is insubordinate nation

    They do not realize one thing: Ukrainians is insubordinate nation!
    We will never subordinated by the enemy and never was.

    Kremlin tried to suppress us by the Solovetsky camps, NKVD
    and Holodomor, they kill us by millions but not broke our
    yearning for freedom.

    Lets remind the words of old Cossack song: “Cossacks does
    not cares about the head, He cares about the freedom!” We
    no longer afraid of death or captivity, more so local criminals
    like “Titushki” or corrupt cops, which is actively preparing to
    protect new “master” as it was before, during Yanukovych’s
    ruling. Junta will come! ”


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