Ukrainians abandon #Smila, #Ukraine after being outgunned, encircled. Hasn’t our top brass learned ANYTHING fr #Ilovaisk?

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#Smila, #Ukraine: #Ukrainians outgunned, encircled. Hasn’t our top brass learned ANYTHING fr #Ilovaisk?


З 32 блокпоста з-під Сміли привезли тіла загиблих. Це вперше сепаратисти дозволили хлопцям з нацгвардії вивезти своїх. Шукали загиблих по мінному полю. Скільки тіл вивезли – точно не знають, тільки 4 цілих -це три айдарівці, котрі минулої неділі проривались до 32 блокпоста та один з командирів самих нацгвардійців, котрий загинув 2 тижні тому, решта- це останки тіл – 5 або 6. На те, щоб вивезти убитих з заблокованого блокпоста сепаратисти дали годину часу, і як гарантію того, що хлопці відвізши тіла повернуться – взяли в заручники двох нацгвардійців. Усьому ж 32 блокпосту висунули ультиматум: вийти зеленим коридором до 12 ночі з цієї території. Інакше поїдуть на блокпост танками. Загалом нацгвардійці і десантники 80 аеромобільної бригади, що там стоять зафіксувли біля Смілого 22 танки сепаратистів, 2 гради, розвернуті в їхній бік, а також машину повну протипіхотних мін -листочків. Усе поле навколо 32 блокпоста сепаратисти замінували.
Зараз проти наших бійців стоять солдати псковського полку з Росії, сербські найманці, представники “всевиликого войска донского” і місцеві сепаратисти. Українські вояки не мають їжі, води та теплого одягу. Вчора вперше за два тижні сепаратисти пропустили машину зі ста літрами води, а також дозволили провезти макарони, все інше з провізії, котру передавали нашим воякам – лнрівці забрали собі.
Українські бійці від вищого командування мають лише один наказ: триматися, вогонь відкривати вони можуть лише у відповідь та й то – зі стрілкової зброї – і це проти лнрівських танків. Бійці не розуміють свого завдання на 32 блокпосту, пояснюють, що утримують всього півтора кілометра дороги і це безглуздо. А коли хтось намагається прорватися до них з провізією, то їх одразу обстрілюють і бійці гинуть так до них і не діставшись. Нацгвардійці хочуть вийти в зелений коридор і навіть вже не бояться звинувачень в дезертирстві.
Анастасія Станко / Костянтин Реуцький


Of the 32 roadblocks from the Smila brought the bodies. This is the first time allowed the separatists guys from natshvardiyi take her. Searched killed in a minefield. How many bodies were taken – not exactly know just as much as 4 -This three aydarivtsi who last Sunday broke 32 checkpoints and one of the commanders themselves natshvardiytsiv who died two weeks ago, the rest are the remains of bodies – 5 or 6. In fact, to take out the dead from a locked checkpoint separatists given hour, and as a guarantee that the guys after taking the body back – took hostage two natshvardiytsiv. To all 32 checkpoint is put forward an ultimatum: get out of the green corridor up to 12 nights in this area. Otherwise, go to checkpoint tanks. Overall natshvardiytsi 80 paratroopers and air crews that there are zafiksuvly boldly about 22 tanks separatists 2 deg, carried in their direction, as well as a car full of landmines -lystochkiv. All right around 32 roadblocks separatists mined.

Now against our soldiers are soldiers of the regiment Pskov Russian Serbian mercenaries by the “vsevylykoho troops donskoho” and local separatists. Ukrainian soldiers have no food, water or warm clothes. Yesterday for the first time in two weeks separatists missed the car out of a hundred liters of water, and allow to smuggle pasta, the rest of the provisions, which passed our soldiers – lnrivtsi took ourselves.

Ukrainian soldiers from the high command have only one mandate: to keep, to open fire, they can only answer, and then – with small arms – and against lnrivskyh tanks. Soldiers do not understand their job to checkpoint 32, explains that hold just a mile the road and it’s pointless. And when someone tries to break them with provisions, they immediately fired and killed the soldiers as to them and not reaching. Natshvardiytsi want to go to the green corridor and even longer afraid of charges of desertion.

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  1. Beauregard

    Leadership is a hard to measure quality in men.

    In Ukraine the military structure is often nebulous
    and notorious.

    Ukraine sits next to Russia. Formerly it was part of
    Soviet Union. Militaries were intertwined. And
    unfortunately may still be.

    There are those in positions who have relatives on the
    other side. Or who have personal contacts and relationships
    from long ago with either the Russian military or FSB.

    Then when the candy is sorted, Ukraine does not have the
    resources to front Russia’s.

    It is easy to be critical, that is not the way of a leader.

    An analogy between Ukraine’s military ways might be made
    with and mired in Soviet ways of economic policy.

    The military needs to develop ways to fight the neo-Soviets.

    The economy needs to develop ways to produce wealth.

    Both of these needs must be found within the borders of
    Ukraine. Neither should look to NATO nor EU. Someone
    who grasps that it must be found in the scribings of Pylyp
    Orlyk and Ludwig Mises must speak up.

    It cannot be an over the hill guy, rather a person of youthful
    energy and endurance. Leaders are made and not born. They
    arise like phoenix from ashes.

    ——————— // ——————


    It is nice to know that our host is alive. After much
    quiet, I was hoping for great literary instead I get
    archeology and Hogwash and sour grapes.

    Maybe this posting relates to lost childhood of a city
    dweller instead of entrepreneurial successes.

    Maybe our host would have done well to study the works of
    a fellow New Yorker and NYU professor of economics. Israel
    Kirzner has written about economics and entrepreneurial topics.

    It is one thing for an educated American to say I am entrepreneur,
    it is another thing to lead.

    —————— // ——————–


    “Reports that say that something hasn’t happened
    are always interesting to me, because as we know,
    there are known knowns; there are things we know
    we know. We also know there are known unknowns;
    that is to say we know there are some things we do
    not know. But there are also unknown unknowns –
    the ones we don’t know we don’t know.”

    “If I said yes, that would then suggest that that
    might be the only place where it might be done
    which would not be accurate, necessarily accurate.
    It might also not be inaccurate, but I’m disinclined
    to mislead anyone.”

    “There’s another way to phrase that and that is
    that the absence of evidence is not the evidence
    of absence. It is basically saying the same thing
    in a different way. Simply because you do not
    have evidence that something does exist does
    not mean that you have evidence that it doesn’t
    exist.” Donald Rumsfeld

  2. Beauregard

    Now look what you instigated:

    Of course you realize that you now have obligation
    to submit specific plans of action.

    That is detailed analysis of what needs to be accomplished
    and how it is to be done.

    That is burden of ability and training…

    —————– // —————–



    1. Adjust your end to your means. In determining your object, clear sight and cool calculation should prevail. It is folly “to bite off more than you can chew.” and the beginning of military wisdom is a sense of what is possible.

    2. Keep your object always in mind, while adapting your plan to circumstances. Realize that there are more ways than one of gaining an object.

    3. Choose the line (or course) of least expectation. Try to put yourself in the enemy’s shoes, and think what course it is least probable he will foresee or forestall.

    4. Exploit the line of least resistance – so long as it can lead you to any objective which would contribute to your underlying object…

    5. Take a line of operation which offers alternative objectives… to assure the chance of gaining one objective at least – whichever he guards least…

    6. Ensure that both plan and dispositions are flexible – adaptable to circumstances…

    7. Do not throw your weight into a stroke whilst your opponent is on guard.

    8. Do not renew an attack along the same line (or in the same form) after it has once failed.*

    *Hart, B.H. Liddell, Strategy, 2nd Revised Edition, Praeger Publishers, N. Y. 1975


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