US Bureaucracy, for a change

Visited the VA while I’m in the US. There’s a new system called “My Health-E-Vet”.

I did manage to sign up, much to my surprise. Now, to make the system actually useful, I need to complete these three steps:

1. Download, print, and sign the VA Release of Information (ROI) form (10-5345a-MHV) (PDF)
2. Mail your signed form to the Release of Information Office at your local VA health care facility. You can use the Facility Locator to find the address
Note: Please, allow up to 20 business days to complete the Online Authentication process.

I stand in utter awe of this level of incompetence and bureaucracy. I don’t think I could achieve it if I made an active effort.

One characteristic which distinguishes US bureaucracy is resource intensiveness.