Very typical comment structure of Professional Russian Trolls

Very typical comment structure of Russian Trolls.

“I’ve been American all my life, and yet . . . . ”

> Wow, that’s so insightful.

>> Yes, I absolutely agree, and I am also a life-long American.



  1. walt

    Here’s an excellent article on the alt-right support of Trump and their new found love of Putin.

    However, other leading members of the “alt-right” have already visited Russia, at the behest of organizations linked with the Kremlin. To wit, Jared Taylor, one of the foremost proponents of “race realism” in the United States and someone who has already recorded robocalls on behalf of Trump, arrived at a conference in St. Petersburg in 2015 to rail against American policy. Taylor was joined by Sam Dickson, another prominent face within the American’s white supremacist base, who praised Putin’s geopolitical policies. The conference, like the one recently postponed, was organized by RIM, which itself was an outgrowth of efforts from groups like Rodina, a Russian political party founded by Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin.

    Meanwhile, David Duke, a former Grand Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan, and perhaps America’s most well-known white supremacist, has likewise visited Russia and has not been shy of his praise for Moscow’s policies under Putin. As the Anti-Defamation League found, Duke has noted that he believes that Russia holds “the key to white survival.” Added the ADL: “In Duke’s eyes, Russia presents an unmatched opportunity to help protect the longevity of the white race.” (Like Heimbach, Duke also has noted ties with Dugin.) For good measure, Richard Spencer, one of the foundational actors within the United States’s “alt-right” movement, recently and strangely lauded Russia as the “sole white power in the world.”

  2. walt

    On the topic of trolls on comment sections of articles, there seems to be a contrary trend developing to the Brieghtbart phenomenon of almost exclusively Kremlin trolls.

    Here is a couple of Diqus commentators worth reading, I can’t list a lot because many linked comments don’t get “Approved”;
    sample comment;
    Just read this book:
    Icebreaker: Who Started the Second World War?;
    Hardcover – August, 1990
    by Viktor Suvorov
    or this one: Chief Culprit Stalin’s Grand Design to Start World War II; Paperback – 2013
    sample comment;
    Notice, how this is your 3rd reply to my post and you still couldn’t name a SINGLE russian product? As a troll that you are, you insult, call me names, but have ZERO arguments. Maybe, being clearly unemployed (judging by your lack of insight and number of posts), you should consider running for the White House?
    This article is about high-tech anti-air defenses and you replied with “art, books, photos, etc”? Really!? They are going to throw book at US planes?
    Of course, since you couldn’t name a single “art, books, photos, etc” that is on any world best selling list, maybe you right after all. If fact if you play any russian music to a US pilot, he may lose control of his aircraft and crash just from laughing.
    Also thank you for worrying about my business. I am sure you have a great experience with running businesses in 3rd world countries.
    My experience shows that buying low and selling high is the best way to make money. I develop software in Russia (Moscow and Novosibirsk) and Ukraine (Kharkov).
    Wait, I’ll slow it down for you: I pay salaries in roubles and sell my product in US dollars. So since the russian Crimea misadventure my costs went down 2.5+ times and my revenues kept slowly growing with the US economy and dollar. Fact is, I made more money in the last two years than in all of my 7 years doing business in Russia.
    Like I said, Russia has a lot of talented and educated people. And now you can hire them for next to nothing and they’ll work night and day because, if you’re truly not a russian troll and, unless you’re old enough to remember the Great Depression, you have no idea of the extend of the crisis in Russia. I am talking about empty shelves in supermarkets, teachers and doctors doing construction works and going through garbage because they didn’t see a salary in months…

  3. Beauregard


    This problem was before the Russian revolution, too. And only minority
    understand. This why many escaped the Czar in late 1800’s. Among the
    progeny of those to emigrated to U. S. only minority understand or care.

    Those that believe and want freedom appear to be minority at any time.

    You keep implying because some of trumps supporters are nuts he is.
    I say bullshit. He is typical New Yorker who wants to make money and
    has done so. And from his perch he sees the evil around him and because
    of his age, he is willing to try to do so.

    Grasp that entrenched power structure is throwing everything they
    can to stop him.

    Lies and distortions abound. His language is typical of a NASCAR fan. His personality is typical of a NASCAR fan and driver and owner…

    Understand that Trump is an American and maybe last of Mohicans …
    And the last of freedom in our lifetime. Understand that Hilary would
    be happy to sell Ukraine for some rubles.2016Sailboat1981

    Quit dwelling on David Duke and his extreme minority. He does not
    represent typical Trump supporter. Although the media is trying to
    say he is. Grasp that they are lying to extreme to stop Trump.

    Quit getting sidetracked by David Duke and his type. He is not your typical trump sup

    1. walt

      Yes, Trump does see some established evil around him, but his view is very limited and his movement has some elements that if these elements become the new establishment will have it’s own destructive factor. Neither candidate offers much hope,

      1. Beauregard

        Hillary is a wolf in sheep’s wool. Follow her comments from college
        to now and you will find a true Marxist. I look at what Marxist did in
        trying to make all follow Marxist line. Study the Holodomor in Ukraine
        as study in methods used.

        So, Trump is a ‘carney’. He is also a promoter and builder. Have you
        ever stayed at one of his hotels? I have. Real building with good service.

        And he is a teacher. Read his scribings. Listen to his old interviews before
        he was candidate for President. There is very big difference between him
        and national Democrats contrary to what die hard Conservatives say.

        And take Rudi Giuliani for example. Both are very similar. Both understand
        leadership and both have screwed up. However, their screw ups did not
        divulge name of Iranian nuclear scientist who provide information to USA.
        Hillary’s email did and directly caused his death.

        Hillary is incompetent, evil and a globalist, aka, modern form of Marxist.

  4. walt

    Very good article on the insanity of the “smart” home and lifestyle we have today. Roman said once, that he was sceptical of Artificial Intelligence. This “smart: craze is pure insanity. People love bells and whistles and when their lives are overwhelmed by 5 credit cards, plus 10 letters to open in the mail everyday, reading 15 Facebook notices everyday, by looking 20 times a day at 30 smart phone applications everyday, by reviewing their 402-k and IRA every 40 days and having a blood pressure event every 50 days and it is no wonder we are degenerating as a society as fast as we are. I not only blame the idiots who buy this “smart” stuff but also these insane programmers who think they are making life better and better.


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