Visit to L’viv Oblast Center, 24 Jan

Two days after two protesters were killed on Maidan, many oblast centers were seized by protesters. I couldn’t resist going to see what the one in Lviv looked like.


3 thoughts on “Visit to L’viv Oblast Center, 24 Jan

  1. Ed K


    Here is some music to keep you warm while marching in Lviv:

    It is amazing that your friend Roman posts
    Cryllic posters without translations.

    He keeps deluding himself that ethic heritage is same a birth heritage.

    There are many on this side of pond with similar heritage who claim their
    real birth right.

    I have to guess that soldiers of fortune also known as mercenaries
    have no real ethnicity nor obligations…

    Anyway, sing along …

    1. Andrii Drzoda

      Ed, many thanks for music.
      I’ll translate that poster for you in a minute. I bet Roman can’t read that old Russian language


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