Well Known Russian Troll plays Polish Nazi for Russian TV

(Thanks for the story, Walt.)

The Russians need Nazis. Without Nazis, they have no identity unifying all those disparate people.

Must see ruSSian video of a Polish guy in Moscow ticking off the moscaliha and saying the Poles will exterminate ruSSians if they attack Poland. He is verbally attacked by a whole group of ruSSians.

BUT! BUT! BUT! in Poland he runs a pro-moscow site, here is his facebook page for the kremlin propoganda site;

Here is an excerpt from a Polish news source, ( https://translate.google.com/translate?hl=en&sl=pl&u=http://www.fakt.pl/swiat/polski-dziennikarz-jakub-korejba-wyrzucony-z-rosyjskiej-telewizji,artykuly,623731.html&prev=search )

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  1. elmer

    Well, as they say, Ukraine is a nation in search of a state, and Russia is a state in search of a nation.

    What can one expect – the Russian Federation is a territory which has always been held together by force.

    And by having a daily perpetual “Victory Day Over the Fashisti” day, every day, day in and day out. Except that the Fashisti, the thugs, are the Kremlinoids, like Putler Khuylo.

    All the Kremlinoids need to do, whether tsar, commissar or Putler Khuylo, is to find enough thugs to intimidate people and keep them in check.

    Plus – it may have been Liarov who said it about Russia’s attempt at democracy, but definitely it was one of the Kremlinoids:

    “we tried out best, but it turned out like always”


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