Window on Eurasia: Moscow Mobilizing Moldova’s Minorities and Political Opposition

Staunton, June 15 – At a secret meeting ten days ago, representatives of the Gagauz, Ukrainian and Bulgarian minorities of Moldova as well as leaders of opposition political parties signed an agreement to seek the federalization of Moldova now and the dismemberment of Moldova if Chisinau goes ahead with an EU accord.

That meeting and a subsequent one last week whose participants were then invited to meet at the Russian embassy in the Moldovan capital declared that these groups only wanted a stronger Moldovan state oriented toward Moscow rather than toward the EU rather than anything more radical.

But the agreement, a copy of which has now appeared online, statements by some of the participants to the media in which they first denied that they had done anything untoward, and the involvement of Russian diplomats, strongly suggest that this is part of a Moscow-orchestrated move to undermine Moldova.