One thought on “Word of the Day for me: INIQUITY

  1. Beauregard

    Ukrainians Impatient With Pace of Reforms
    15 September 2015

    “Ukrainians are angry. The standard refrains are
    that there are no reforms and that Ukraine is worse
    off than it used to be.”

    “Such deep-seated anger was at the root of the violent
    demonstration at the Parliament a few weeks ago. Most
    commentators focused on the violence and its implications
    for Ukraine’s democracy. In fact, despite the Western
    media’s bizarre infatuation with Ukraine’s radical right, it
    is tiny and poses no threat to the system.”

    “Far more worrisome is the widespread popular anger
    and growing popular radicalism.”

    “Angry people who make radical demands—of the we-
    want-everything-immediately variety—and mistrust
    their leaders make for illegitimate and unstable rule.
    At some point, illegitimate and unstable rule can crumble.
    If Ukraine ever comes unglued, it’ll be because popular
    anger produced a third Maidan that destroyed Ukraine’s
    fledgling institutions and either created chaos or brought
    radicals to power. All Ukrainians would lose. Vladimir Putin
    would win.”


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