Xochu vsim moiim Ukraiinskym druziam skazate

Odna kraiina, tak, ale treba lokalni systemy. Treba rozvalyty skorumpovani tsenralizovani systemy.

Mijnarodni Bank xoche shchob ti systemy zalyshylysia. Tsei postini borh, tsia postina potreba iixni dopomohy, tse iix hachok v nashomu tili.

4 thoughts on “Xochu vsim moiim Ukraiinskym druziam skazate

  1. elmer

    Doesn’t your computer have the ability to switch to Cyrillic characters?

    Windows has had numerous language keyboards for years.

    як хочеш щось сказати Українцям то будь ласка пиши державною

  2. Ed K

    Both of you should translate to English and if you want co post in Ukrainian, do it that way. Too many readers only read English. And you loose them if you post only in Ukrainian.

    Elmer, your posts were widely circulated in USA and worldwide. We express our thanks and appreciation.

    Because there are new guys in charge does not mean that the old guys do not still have friends capable of killing and evil. Vigilance is still in order. Since you and others are considered instrumental in ejecting the old evil order, their old remnants still are a constant danger.

    Some of the guys with the high power rifles are still around. From your post, some still speak everyday Ukrainian. Grasp that some are very well trained to do their old job, that is killing the opposition.

    There needs to be sincere effort to locate as many of that unit and get them out off the streets.

    And I now see that there are probably some Russian trained and maintained killers circulating. They are there, and nearly impossible to identify.

    Understand there needs to very good judgment for personal safety of new leaders. If you have contacts, remind them of the above.


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