Yarosh: Low taxes, Gun, nationalism

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On the Maidan , he got more applause than Yulia Tymoshenko: Dmytro Jarosch , 42 , founder and commander of the nationalist Right Guard sector. The paramilitary force is the great unknown in the struggle for the future of Ukraine, a new force . On the Maidan the fighters of the rights sector guarding the barricades , Molotov cocktails and attacks they wore in February to the escalation , which cost more than a hundred people’s lives and President Viktor Yanukovych the office .

This has earned the right sector , even under moderate Ukrainians sympathy. Many have had enough of oligarchs and Kiev’s political establishment. Jarosch calls radical : a ” Russification ” of the Russian- dominated Ukraine in parts deeply about . The Kremlin give Jaroschs right slogans fodder for their own propaganda : Moscow called the Maidan – revolution as a ” military coup fascist forces.”

The Foreign Ministry in Moscow accused the rights sector to have broken into the night on Sunday the Easter ceasefire in eastern Ukraine . When the fire attack civilians had been killed . The rights sector denies any involvement .

Until recently patrolled the sector fighters still in the center of Kiev. In the hotel Dnipro , a headquarters of their movement , they proudly wore pistols. “We have no weapons anymore,” Jarosch commander protested now . You have ” legalized armed wing ” the , as part of the new National Guard of the “territorial defense ” of Ukraine.

Jarosch has taken the green combat uniform from the Maidan, he now wears a suit and tie. On May 25, he may run for the presidential elections.

In an interview with SPIEGEL ONLINE Dmytro Jarosch talks about his chances in the election, on anti-Semitism accusations and his hatred for the oligarchs .

SPIEGEL ONLINE: Mr. Jarosch , you are the founder of the paramilitary troops right sector. What drives you ?

Jarosch : I ‘m Ukrainian nationalist. My goal is a strong state that Ukraine should never be the geopolitical game ball. Under Viktor Yanukovych a completely corrupted regime has ruled the country . This is true of course also for the period before Yanukovych. We are lining up to change that. As paramilitary but I would not call us . Our revolution will only be complete when we have the state completely renewed. The oligarchic – corrupt system is weakened , but not destroyed.

SPIEGEL ONLINE: Do you run for President . How can you be president of the whole country , if not millions of citizens like you see in Lenin an oppressor , but a part of one’s past?

Jarosch : We are not looking for enemies. 40 percent of the members of the right sector itself does not speak Ukrainian, no problem! In everyday life, this has no effect . Who wants to speak Russian, may continue to do so . If someone wants to talk Hebrew , he may also like to talk Hebrew. The national consciousness is also growing in the East. Why else Moscow must rely on agents and paid provocateurs to cause trouble ? Even in Donetsk they have mobilized only a few thousand men.

SPIEGEL ONLINE : But do not want two percent of Ukrainians choose in polls.

Jarosch : Ben- Gurion said: Those who do not believe in miracles is a bad realist. We have already performed miracles in the past few months on the Maidan and Yanukovych chased . Why should not this be done again?

SPIEGEL ONLINE: What do you want to do as president ?

Jarosch : Lower the tax that helps the middle class and foreign investors. We need to establish order in the judiciary. The Ministry of Interior is in fact a terrorist organization.

The police are hated by many Ukrainians. Police force citizens from bribes , there are cases in which act narc himself in a big way with drugs. After the victory of the Maidan try activists of the right sector itself soar to order power. You beleaguered patrol officers and prosecutors. The new Minister of the Interior arsenic Awakow , a follower of Yulia Tymoshenko has ordered the disarming of the troops , but they can never prevail.

SPIEGEL ONLINE : Why do you call liberal gun laws ?

Jarosch : Each Ukrainians should be allowed to carry a firearm. We are a Cossack nation. A Cossack is a free and armed man . The only way we can fight back against the arbitrariness of state power and Russia. Putin can our army easily crushed. The armed people but he will never defeat .

SPIEGEL ONLINE: Do you fear a Russian intervention ?

Jarosch : We are preparing for it. Our battalions are part of the new territorial defense. We are in close contact with the Secret Service, with the General Staff . We have really good relationships at all , except to the police. All information that we receive , indicate an escalation . Russia is preparing strokes off on Kharkiv , Luhansk , Sumy , Donetsk and of course from the Crimea .

Russia has focused for weeks troops at the border with Ukraine . NATO estimates their strength up to 40,000 men . Moscow has denied the troop movements long , but later added. NATO fears that the troops overrun the Ukrainian army within three to five days and could occupy half the Ukraine. But despite refusal of the Russians to Jarosch is also critical when it comes to a great approach to Europe.

SPIEGEL ONLINE: Do you castigate the “liberal totalitarianism ” of the EU . What is this?

Jarosch : Ukraine is a European country , we want the association agreement . But : We have fought too long to our sovereignty , we do not want to leave again at a Brussels bureaucracy that wants to impose on us other life forms . What bothers me is the EU’s anti-Christian orientation. We are against the destruction of the traditional family , against gay marriage . In France, hundreds of thousands have protested , but their voices are not heard. The media is controlled by liberal groups, which all impose their opinion . This is a variant of totalitarianism.

In his pamphlet “Nation and Revolution ” shows Jarosch as an opponent of parliamentary democracy. ” Parliamentary parties , blocks and fractions ” in the Ukrainian parliament were only ” segments of the regime of internal occupation” . Word equal with Russian nationalists railed against Jarosch ” denationalization , homosexuality and drug addiction .” His world view is shaped by a totalitarian ethno-nationalism . It calls for the ” dissemination of nationalist ideology on the entire territory of our state ,” including the Russian-speaking east. His goal is to enforce the ” leading role of the root people in the state .”

More here: http://www.spiegel.de/politik/ausland/ukraine-krise-interview-mit-rechter-sektor-kommandeur-jarosch-a-965498.html

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